Map Guide

Cursed Hollow

Map Description

Cursed Hollow is a three lane map with objectives spawning randomly around the map. Periodically, a tribute will spawn on the map in a random location. One hero on the team must channel the tribute for 6 seconds to collect. Once 3 tributes have been collected, the other team will become cursed. A cursed team will have their minions HP set to 1 and their buildings will no longer attack.

Map Timers

Type Spawn Time
Objective Tribute spawns are random with the first spawning between 2:20-2:55 and subsequent tributes spawning between 0:50-1:30. After a curse the next tribute will spawn between 3:00-4:00
Boss 3:00 for initial spawn. If captured, will spawn 5:00 after boss is killed.
Siege Camps 2:00 for first spawn. Will spawn every 3:00 after capture
Bruiser Camps 2:00 for first spawn. Will spawn every 4:00 after capture