Map Guide


Map Description

Hanamura is a two lane map with a similar concept to Towers of Doom. The cores cannot be directly attacked and the health must be depleted through "dragon" attacks via delivered payloads. Delivery payloads will spawn and must be escorted to a delivery zone. Payload speed will increase depending on the number of escorts (speed caps at 3 escorts). If an enemy is within the radius of the opposing team's payload, it will be "contested" and the payload will stop moving. If a payload is not being escorted, it will slowly move backwards. Once a payload is delivered, it will shoot a "dragon" at the core dealing 1 damage. Destroying forts and keeps will add an additional shot to the payload.

Map Timers

Type Spawn Time
Objective 2:30 spawn time for first payload and 4:30 spawn time for second payload. After payloads are delivered 4:00 until next payload spawn.
Boss 5:00 for initial spawn. If captured, will spawn 5:00 after boss is killed. Boss will deal 1 damage to enemy core.
Siege Camps There are camp types on this map, none of which spawn minions to a lane but instead provide rewards for defeating. Recon Camps - 1:00 for first spawn and 2:00 for subsequent spawns. Rewards you with a scouting token that will locate up to 3 enemy heroes on the map. Fortification Camp - 1:30 for first spawn and 2:30 for subsequent spawns. Rewards a turret token that allows you to spawn a turret lasting for 45 seconds. Support Camp - 2:30 for first spawn and 3:00 for subsequent spawns. Rewards a support token that will heal a percentage of life to heroes in a surrounding area.
Bruiser Camps See above comment